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爱游戏客户端|爱游戏投注|爱游戏彩票 is changing Pakistan’s online shopping scenario with one sale at a time. We know that Pakistan is still respectively a new entrant in the eCommerce game and it will take some time to get masses to trust online shopping in Pakistan. We know that there are brands – even big names – that give a bad name to the Pakistani retail industry with their mischievous practices. This is where 爱游戏客户端|爱游戏投注|爱游戏彩票 makes a difference between trust and quality-based retail practices.


Our vision is to ensure a future where a target customer will feel no fear while shopping online. We know that the online retail industry has yet to see its boom in Pakistan, and we are trying smart to provide our customers with a safe, swift and efficient online buying experience. Unlike some big names on Pakistan’s online retail horizon, we are not a marketplace that would let anyone sell their merchandise on our store; to ensure quality, customer service and customer retention, we made 爱游戏客户端|爱游戏投注|爱游戏彩票 into a single entity online retail store. However, we do let independent sellers sell their high-quality products after we make them go through a rigorous vetting and scrutiny.


It is 爱游戏客户端|爱游戏投注|爱游戏彩票’s mission to make 2020 Pakistan’s best year so far in terms of online shopping. We are striving hard to bring high-quality products to our customers via our single entity retail operation.


爱游戏客户端|爱游戏投注|爱游戏彩票 knows that retail marketplace industry in Pakistan is in its early phase. We knew that majority of Pakistani online shoppers belong to Pakistan’s vibrant and enthusiastic youth. This is why we focused primarily on the sellers and the products that attract young customers. While 爱游戏客户端|爱游戏投注|爱游戏彩票 major entity and the independent sellers on our website cater for the needs of target customers from all demographics, our aim is mainly to list the maximum number of products that are highly sought after by Pakistani youth.


If you are on a lookout for trendy apparel, fashion-related stuff or gadgets such as cameras, lenses, smartwatches, mobile phones, gaming consoles and earbuds etc., you can always trust 爱游戏客户端|爱游戏投注|爱游戏彩票 for original and high-quality products at the most affordable rates. Our fair-pricing policy does not allow independent sellers on 爱游戏客户端|爱游戏投注|爱游戏彩票 to charge unfairly for their merchandises.

Buying from 爱游戏客户端|爱游戏投注|爱游戏彩票 is easier than buying from any other online retail store. Why? Because after enough research and surveying, we finalized a store design that was made around the customer’s comfort.

Once you visit you can either go straight to the Categories on the top left corner and pick the category that your desired product belongs to. For example, a smartwatch can be found in “Mobiles & Tablets”. Other hot categories include “FashionHoodies, “Computers & Laptops”, “Video Games & Consoles” and “Health & Personal Care”.

However, there are many other ways to surf this website. Now and then we run promotions to make it possible for our loyal customers to buy their favourite items at discounted rates. Make sure to check Promotions by clicking the option in the menu.

Also, in case you are a brand-conscious person and you love to buy only from specific brands, you can click Brands on the menu, have a look at all brands in the alphabetical order and pick your favourite brand to see its products.

Apart from different types of promotions that we run, we also always have certain products on sale. You can enjoy a discount from 5% to a whopping 30%+ on gadgets and other highly- required products.

In case you have been purchasing from certain sellers on our store and you trust their products as well as pricing, we allow you to easily find those sellers and buy from them whenever you want. Our Bestsellers page features our partners and sellers who earned a reputation for high-quality products, affordable rates and unmatched customer service. Just click Bestsellers on the menu and take a look at the bestsellers on 爱游戏客户端|爱游戏投注|爱游戏彩票.


You know how severely COVID-19 has affected our world. Pakistan is also among the list of countries affected by this virus. In this situation, our sellers, our team and our delivery staff are striving hard to make shopping risk-free for our customers. Although we’re facing delays with deliveries, we assure you that in this situation while all businesses are subject to a lockdown, we can ship your favourite items to your doorstep any time – any day.

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